The Specifics

Global Edge specialises in the JavaScript platform and developing professional, powerful, and effective applications on the platform. Like most programming languages, JavaScript is constantly evolving and adapting to the growing array of functionality demanded by the modern consumer. You need developers, engineers, and a company that is experienced with the most recent additions to the language if you want to meet these demands and expectations. In tech speak we call these libraries and frameworks.

Global Edge specialises in the three JavaScript libraries that we think are most relevant to the needs of the industry. These technologies are diverse and powerful enough to fulfil the most complex web and mobile application requirements while providing immersive user interfaces, compelling designs, and industry leading functionality. It takes the average person 7 seconds to decide if they are going to stay on your site or app. We have the design and development skills and tools to keep them there, so they can play, spend, and immerse themselves in a digital environment of your choosing.
React.JS development
React is a powerful JavaScript Library used by tech giants like Airbnb, Netflix, and Facebook.
Our programmer use this language to create the front end of large scale web apps. We can make you web store with organised and interactive pieces that are able to respond in real time to drive sales, or use React to build dynamic user interfaces that will increase the usability of your JavaScript powered web or mobile application.
Angular.JS development
A JavaScript library that powers sites like Google, HBO, and Virgin America. It provides a simple and elegant solution for front end web application development in JavaScript and excels at building dynamic single page web apps. It is a robust framework required for more powerful web applications like Gmail.
Node.JS development
The back-end technology that took JavaScript from an exclusively frontend platform to a server side environment. With Node.JS we can build you real time web APIs, network programs, and real time data intensive applications. This makes for faster applications that avoid traditional bottlenecks improving the user experience and functionality of your product, site, or service. Node.JS is used in the backend of PayPal, LinkedIn, Groupon, Walmart, and Yahoo.
The Mean Software Stack
A software stack is a bundle of all the libraries and development platforms that are tested and proven to run well together. They are highly sort after by developers and appreciated by users because the sites and applications built on them run seamlessly, with less bugs, and better useability. Global Edge are a team of experienced, competent developers able to handle the entire stack. This means we can build better, faster, more reliable web and mobile apps than developers only equipped to handle JavaScript.