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Who we are
who we are
We aren’t a giant conglomeration or corporate machine. We are a boutique, remote in-source company, made up of less than one hundred dedicated, caring individuals.
A team that will never utter the words “bottom line”. Our bottom line is a satisfied client to spread our reputation and another quality software product to build our portfolio.
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How we work
The work that we do at Global Edge is shaped by a set of core beliefs. We hold them to heart, because they are the foundation of who we are as a company. The exact way we go about your project is unique to your requirements, but we can promise you that we will develop and design with the Global Edge philosophy in mind. The results speak for themselves.
We build a transparent relationship
of accountability that stops the nail biting
before it can begin
You are working with the same people
until your task is complete
You avoid tricky and often cumbersome
local labour law and we come to a
flexible agreement
What we do
Global Edge specialises in the three JavaScript libraries that we think are most relevant to the needs of the industry.
These technologies are diverse and powerful enough to fulfil the most complex web and mobile application requirements while providing immersive user interfaces, compelling designs, and industry leading functionality.
Make you web store with
organised and interactive pieces
that are able to respond in real
time to drive sales
Build you real time web APIs,
network programs, and real time
data intensive applications
It provides a simple and elegant
solution for front end web
application development in
All technologies
Our projects