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There is nothing worse than vague messages from a faceless email address. Your boss is breathing down your back, there are a hundred other things on your plate, and the software house you trusted to deliver is MIA. We hear it all the time. We aren’t discouraged and you shouldn’t be either. The poor practices of other remote software developers motivate Global Edge to work that much harder to stand out in the industry and restore confidence in the industry.

The only way to do this is with transparency.

From day one Global Edge provides a personal connection that you can depend on. We build a transparent relationship of accountability that stops the nail biting before it can begin. It can be frightening working remotely; trust us, we know, but Global Edge’s commitment to transparency is a solution that keeps everyone informed and confident.

There is no bigger project, or a long-term client, that we are going to sideline you for. After a free consultation, and we have arrived at an agreement, your project is now our project. A team is assigned that works for you and only you. We believe that this personal approach keeps our people dedicated and focused on your project. We only take on what we can handle. There are no rush jobs, or filler projects. Every single client gets the same level of service and commitment.

We are proud of our slow employee turnover, which means you are working with the same people until your task is complete. No time is lost getting a new programmer up to speed.
Every business works a little differently. We are all accountable to different people, systems, and processes. We want to work with you, and Global Edge believes that the best way to do that is to adjust to the way that you operate. There are limits of course, but we can communicate on your preferred platform or adjust to your billing system, like we have been using it all along. We work in a remote capacity with clients all over the US and the world. This flexibility has allowed us to do that. We slot seamlessly into an organisation for a year or for a single project. You avoid tricky and often cumbersome local labour law, and we come to a flexible agreement which provides you with our services for only as long as you need them.

Global Edge is a boutique software development team and to ensure our level of personal commitment, to each and every client, we have to schedule your project. in advance. It is important to us that we maintain the quality of our services, and we can only do this by taking on clients when we have the resources to handle their projects.

Contact us today to find out when we have a spot for you. But hurry! They fill up fast.
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